Tuesday, December 1, 2009


There was a big moon in the sky this morning and a lot of fishing boats out on the horizon. It's difficult to get dressed, leave a warm house, a snuggly cat, and go out to shoot. But I did. (Oops, I should have said "and a loving husband, as well." Sorry, Chris!)

I parked at the Seal Rock overlook and took a few photos. Nah, too much foliage in front of me. I grabbed a flashlight from the car and found a path up to a higher vantage point. The path dipped, I didn't, but nothing broke.

The moon was so bright. The lights on the fishing boats were bright. And the foreground just about pitch black. Tough exposure situation. Clouds scudding across the face of the moon helped tone things down.

The moon disappeared for awhile behind a fog bank, but then reappeared for a few seconds before leaving the scene for good. I was using a 28-135mm lens for all these shots, which was fine for overviewish images, but not ideal for the moon. No regrets, however.

I was hoping for some pink lighting on clouds before dawn, but nope, that didn't happen. So I fumbled my way back down the trail, using the tripod as a walking stick, and headed toward home.

And that's when I saw the fog moving in among the hills over the Alsea Bay. More to follow. ©Carol Leigh


Jan H said...

These are great. Good for you getting out that early. Not sure you could do that in the Bay Area.

Carol Leigh said...

What do you mean "not sure you could do that in the Bay Area?" What? You've got WORSE weather than here on the Oregon coast? It's COLDER there than here on the Oregon coast (where my bird baths are frozen over this a.m.)? Because it's DARKER there in the Bay Area? Oh, I get it. You have a more amorous spouse! (Heh, heh!) -- Carol Leigh

Brenda LaFleur said...

Look at you....doing the big picture! Great early morning landscapes.

Carol Leigh said...

Ha! Brenda, you noticed! And it's really, really hard. I don't know about this big landscape stuff... Give me a piece of paper and a macro lens and I'm fine. Anything bigger than the cat is a huge challenge. Thank you for taking the time to comment, even if you WERE slightly making fun of me! -- Carol Leigh