Thursday, December 24, 2009

Big waves on the coast

It was a beautiful sunny day today and so this afternoon we headed down to Yachats to take a look at the surf. Wow. The waves were moving in beautifully, curling over with the sun backlighting the curl slightly. And the spray lingered over the tops of the waves as they came in. Just beautiful. And it was a metering nightmare! But most of them came out okay. These are the first four I've processed, with hundreds more to take a look at. Eyes are getting blurry, however, so it's time to stop for now.

All were taken with my 70-200mm Canon "L" lens, for those of you who care. Wonderful afternoon. May our lives be filled with them. And to all, a goodnight. ©Carol Leigh


Max Glenn said...

Yes, today was a special day....wind and surf was a photographers dream!

Thank you for capturing these excellent shots that I see daily from my window.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful ocean shots. I can smell the salt air. Think the last one with the bird is my favorite with all the lines and shapes. Nice way to be greeted on this Christmas morning.

Carol Leigh said...

Max, you see this from your window? You lucky dog, you. And JC, thank you (yet again) for stopping by. -- Carol Leigh

butterfly woman said...

Yes, the bird shot is a great silhouette against the pastel backdrop. It's as if the bird is contemplating the spiritual beauty of nature. As I look at this image, I know that I am!
All my senses are captivated!I love you taking hundreds of shots. When I'm in the zone, numbers become meaningless!

Carol Leigh said...

Bev, see, that's why you're a "deeper" person than I. I see the gull and figure he's thinking "Jeeze, this wind is cold. It's getting dark. I've got my spot right now but is it the best? Maybe I should be over there. I'm hungry. Anybody got some food I can steal? When are these damn waves gonna let up? Is that a dead fish over there?" Gulls . . . they've got the attention span of a cocker spaniel puppy! -- Carol "shallow" Leigh