Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My plan was to go to the grocery store . . .

We've been frozen here on the coast for I'm thinking a week, with temps ranging from 21 to 32 degrees day after day. Figuring that chili sounds good for dinner, I head to the grocery store. But instead of making a left, the car for some reason heads right and I end up at the Seal Rock overlook watching the waves roar in. No wind. No clouds. Lots of bright sunshine. But COLD!

I climb to the top of a little hill and oh my gosh the bluffs above the high tide line, where fresh water seeps out, are all frozen! I zoom back down to the car and drive to my favorite beach to see what I can find to shoot.

My only lens with me is a 28-135mm, which is fine. I walk up the beach with confidence until I realize that ice is slippery. Who knew? Photography now becomes a challenge as I attempt to stay upright. To make things even more interesting, the tide is heading in. Not wishing to end up like some old Eskimo floating out to sea on an ice floe to die, I work for about half an hour and then leave the beach.

Now I know that an icy beach, for those of you who live in colder climes, is probably nothing. Been there, done that. But for this easily impressed lass, IT WAS FREAKIN' COOL! Here are some of the abstract images I took.

It's supposed to continue being freezing for the rest of the week, so I may try this again, perhaps taking along a wider lens and maybe a macro. The challenge is the lighting — bright sun glinting off white ice next to dark rocks and sand. And then there are shadows. And then there's trying to remain upright. But who cares? This is fun stuff!

Hot chili tonight. Life is good. ©Carol Leigh


marianne said...

Wonderful! The most dramatic images come from "embracing" the weather.

Linda J said...

Thank goodness your car went right!

Carol Leigh said...

Marianne, you make a good point. Look at what you did with your scary snowy trip down 89A with the snowflakes swirling in the headlights. And your shot through the windshield looking into the rainstorm. Any time we can be out there capturing what saner people (those snug and warm in front of the fire sipping hot chocolate and reading a good book) wouldn't think of doing, our images stand apart. They're unique. They're not your typical "white sand, palm tree, blue water, blue sky" photos (although I would love to shoot those too!). They're edgier, somehow. They're different. They're interesting. Now if someone would just offer up a tornado-chasing photo workshop . . . :-) -- Carol Leigh


I can't believe I am just today seeing these. Where have I been? Spectacular shots! But you know I am shivering just looking at 'em. Brrrr. I admire you for (as Marianne says) "embracing" the weather. I'm the one in front of the fire. Carol (trying to catch up with your posts)