Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's all about the light

Late afternoon sun creates pretty reflections in the water and the yellow buoy marking the site of the sunken Helen McColl stands out beautifully against the darker background. I like how the yellow of the buoy echoes the yellow in the reflections. 

In the second photo, what makes it for me is its simplicity, symmetry, and that little shimmer of sunlight on the right. But here's what kills me: I'm not sure that, when I clicked the shutter, that I consciously noticed that little bit of sunlight. I was more concerned with framing the boat's hull, making sure it was vertical. I don't recall being too concerned about the bit of sunlight. And that makes me realize I still have a long way to go on this photographic journey. ©Carol Leigh



I am so grateful that you continue to share what you are displeased with in some of you photos. You share it all - the "good, the bad, and the ugly". You are so real and I learn so much more because of that. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Your comment about the light reminded me of a book I have of photographs and poems--Surprised by Light by Ulrich Schaffer. Yes, I suppose we do need to be aware of all that is in the view finder before we snap.
Have noticed you get beautiful reflected light on your photos-Dec 3rd Cormorant, Yin Yang on Dec 4 and others. Are you seeing those reflections before you snap? Bet you are:)
jc in nc

Carol Leigh said...

Thanks, Carol D., for your comments. Glad my photo faux pas are of some assistance!

And June, yes, I'm definitely seeing the reflected light in those shots, more so with the cormorant than with the YinYang gull. With the gull shot I was more aware of the beautiful curve of the shoreline and was hoping hoping hoping the gull would position himself just so. When y'all come out for the Oregon coast trip, we'll try to do the same thing. (Notice I used the "y'all" to make you feel more at home.) -- Carol Leigh

Linda J said...

We're so lucky you are taking us along on your photographic journey!