Friday, December 25, 2009

Fishing boat abstracts

Christmas Day and most of the fishing boats are in port, lots of them weighed down in the water with loads of crabs, waiting to offload after the holiday. Bright sunshine created pretty reflections and dark shadows, which are fun to work with. The same bright sunlight made our beach exploration tough for photography, but it's a brand-new beach and it's PACKED with photo potential. Next overcast day that's where I'll be. There's even a little waterfall there.

What you see here is a spliced rope in front of a bright blue and black reflection. Then the aft section of an orange fishing boat reflected in the water. And finally a plain old white-prowed boat. Love the shadow on the right. Very stark image, and it's my favorite of these three. All taken with a Canon 70-200mm "L" lens and a polarizing filter.

Wonderful day. Hope yours was, too. ©Carol Leigh

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