Thursday, December 31, 2009

The last of yesterday's shots

As I ended my walk yesterday, the sun was getting lower, making the bluffs to the east look golden brown. They reflect in the wet sand left by the receding tide. Usually I'm walking just below those bluffs, looking for rock patterns, but this day I was way out, following the tide.

The second shot shows how the beach looks down to the south, down to the big formations known as Seal Rock. The top of the photo is where I begin my walk. Love how the clouds reflect in the wet sand.

We rarely get cloud formations such as this at sunset. Usually the sun sinks into an offshore marine layer, things turn grey, and it's over. This afternoon there was a bit of drama before things turned grey.

And finally, just because I could, I took the second photo, copied it, flipped it, and then turned it into an orb. I liked the surprise of the infinity symbol turning up. World without end. Amen. ©Carol Leigh

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Anonymous said...

Lovely. Thank you.