Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Minus tide

A big minus tide this afternoon and NO RAIN! Hoo ha! Scurried over to the beach to see what I could find.

I liked the clear, clean look of this footprint in the sand, and included part of a little "creeklet" of water at the bottom for a bit of interest. There are bowling ball-like rocks that show up at very low tides and the golden sunlight caught my eye. Metering is a challenge with such directional light and I find myself talking to myself, saying "meter here" (lock in the exposure), "focus here" (wherever that happens to be), "recompose, click." So repeat after me, "Meter here. Focus here. Recompose. Click." And in the third shot you can see the beach as I saw it on my way back to the car.

A good little walk. A bit of exercise. Away from the computer. And photos that I'm pleased with. Yowza! ©Carol Leigh



and pleased you should be! I love that shoe print - how amazing is it that someone could do such a clear print? and then... you got the one in a million shot. Talking to yourself was certainly well worth it cuz your photos are definitely "yowza". It is way cool how much orange and blue you have on your coast and of course even more cool that you see it and know how to capture it.

Diane Miller said...

Your beach shots are all so wonderful! The last one lets us all see what an incredible playground you have. I'm insane with jealously!

And the footprint -- awesome! (You wouldn't have an old boot tied to the end of a stick, would you?.... Naw, not Carol. Never. Well, almost never?)

Carol Leigh said...

Ah, yes! The old "old boot tied to the end of a stick" trick! Note to self: first find stick . . . -- Carol Leigh